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Personal territory : Matt Fernandes, Isabella Shuld

These are Matt’s directions to reach his personal bubble location and a picture of his complete challenge. When I was in this spot It was very relaxing to me because listening to the water pouring into the little pool at the bottom of the spill way was very comforting to me. I really enjoyed making the rock pile because it gave me the chance to not think about anything and just focus on how I can make the rock pile stay standing and not fall over. I enjoyed this because it Gave me the opportunity to trouble shoot and focus on making the rocks reach the 12 inch requirement Matt was asking for in his directions.

These are some pictures from Isabella’s territory tour doing her tour was very interesting I learned that the Rosebush is actually a restaurant and not a literal rose bush… This is also the first time I’ve ever visited this location on campus. It was fun searching through the stream for the rocks and other cool things. I chose these rocks and other various items for their smoothness, texture, patterns, and the fact that one just looked like a shark tooth. I thought the glass and brick was very interesting because I know how hard those materials are and it is cool to think about how long these pieces must have constantly been hit with moving water and how long they must have been sitting in that stream. It also gave me a sense of relaxation like Matt’s tour because it let me really simplify things down and instead of thinking bought all the stresses from college all I had to do is focus on which 5 rocks I thought looked cool. With that said this was a very much needed relaxing tour and it allowed me to think at a way smaller scale and took me away from the outside world.


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