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week 3

This week we did embroidering. I personally didn’t enjoy this because it felt very tedious and boring this must have been because u had to carefully place each stitch and it was only one stitch at a time so it took a very long time to do something very simple. After that started sourcing our fabrics and began assembly for our flag. We tried getting old clothing from the Op Shop because Joe and I figured it would be a cheeper way to get our materials but quickly realized that most of the things that were of the color that we needed were usually very old and raggedy and pretty discolored in most spots. We ended up going to Walmart and getting clean roles of purple, blue, and yellow fabric as well as some yellow thread to put everything together. We got all of our peaces cut out and the main purple and blue pieces sewn together to complete our homework for the weekend which was to make it half way on our flags. We felt this was a good place to stop because we need to hand sew the letters on to the yellow circle before we use the machine to sew the entire circle to the what is now purple and blue rectangle that will become our flag. This process was pretty frustrating at first because we had had a very hard time cutting up fabric in order to fill up the areas for each colors of our flags, but then when we went to get rolls of fabric so all we had to do was cut it down to size it made the process way easier.


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