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week 3

This week we did embroidering. I personally didn’t enjoy this because it felt very tedious and boring this must have been because u had to carefully place each stitch and it was only one stitch at a time so it took a very long time to do something very simple. After that started sourcing our fabrics and began assembly for our flag. We tried getting old clothing from the Op Shop because Joe and I figured it would be a cheeper way to get our materials but quickly realized that most of the things that were of the color that we needed were usually very old and raggedy and pretty discolored in most spots. We ended up going to Walmart and getting clean roles of purple, blue, and yellow fabric as well as some yellow thread to put everything together. We got all of our peaces cut out and the main purple and blue pieces sewn together to complete our homework for the weekend which was to make it half way on our flags. We felt this was a good place to stop because we need to hand sew the letters on to the yellow circle before we use the machine to sew the entire circle to the what is now purple and blue rectangle that will become our flag. This process was pretty frustrating at first because we had had a very hard time cutting up fabric in order to fill up the areas for each colors of our flags, but then when we went to get rolls of fabric so all we had to do was cut it down to size it made the process way easier.


Week 2

This week we had to come up with three symbols that we felt best defined our group the symbols we chose was a car, alarm clock, and a stack of money. We picked these symbols because we really like the saying that we can go where we want, when ever we want, and when we are there we can do what we want. We felt that this fit best with us because my partner Joe and I really like the fact that we have the freedom to do whatever we want and that the only thing stopping us is ourselves

After that our weekend project was to come up with three flag proposals which will be posted up on the telephone poles throughout the town of Alfred. These flags were meant to be simple not have too many colors but should get the point over as well as having a deeper meaning. Our first flags background is purple with yellow stripes and lines representing the different kinds of people and majors that make up our school and the white circle in the middle represents the school as a whole and the four pointed star represents the four years of undergrad we will be completing while we are at this school.

Next, we came u with a design that combines AU and AS as a whole who create the small town of Alfred. Even though we are separate school we are still one town and the efforts from both schools can only make our town better.

Lastly we made our last flag to be more of a group thing, we decided to use the Yin and Yang symbol and instead of using the opposite color circles int the original we put in a weight and a paint brush. This is to represent the balance me and Joe have to find while not just being Art students but being student athletes as well.

Week 1

Throughout this week my partner and I were tasked with finding at least 100 signs and symbols to make a map to navigate Alfred. At first, we thought it would be impossible to find all of these things, we had to take a deep breath and look at things from a different angle. Once we did that there were symbols and signs everywhere. We decided it would make most sense for us to number where everything was on our maps then make a key with all the picture and their corresponding numbers. Our biggest challenge was getting all of the photos printed out. I had all of the photos on my phone but there was something wrong with my password so I couldn’t log on to my computer at school. This meant I had to use my laptop which wasn’t an issue until it came to printing… Sense I had to print from my laptop I couldn’t make any of the pictures colored and it was on default to print double sided which I couldn’t change. This meant we had to make copies of all the images twice so that we got all 100 of our images. once they were all printed out we had to be very careful when cutting them out because the sides don’t match up perfectly either. After that it was easy putting the pictures to the numbers and the process moved relatively fast. We figured that that it would be smart if we left the map relatively plain and only giving color to the numbers to give some form of emphasis and to make the things stand out. Personally I really didn’t like this project not only because we already did a project like this in the first semester so it made it feel very tedious but as well as the fact that we needed to talk to random people about 5 symbols or signs we didn’t know or understand. This was very frustrating because w knew that we weren’t gonna get a very good answer because it not like the person who made the symbol or got the sign was standing right next to it waiting for someone to ask what it meant so it became more of a random question the was asked to a random passerby who usually didn’t know the meaning as well so we had to ask multiple people trying to fish an answer out of one of them.

Final Performance

I feel the final performance went very well. Even with the minimal time we all had to rehearse. It was very hard not to laugh why we were doing it because we tried to do a comical yet serious fight seen from our comic book. We also really liked using the tapestry as the transformation because we all agreed it was trippy and treated the scene well. I would have to say that my favorite part of the performance was when I made the joke about posting a picture of the dead students on my blog.

watch a video of our performance down below!!!

See my groups reviews here👇🏼


performance process

First we had to move all of the extra stuff out of the room like extra stools, chairs and clay stands that we didn’t need in our room in order to make the setting of our performance

we are making time stamps to give our viewers an idea and make them aware of the progression of the day. We also are making a sun and a moon to give people a visual to the sun going down and the moon rising. The people dressing up as stools to play the monsters and and the other people in our group are dressing up as art kids.

The process that we took to make everything was a lot of waiting for paint to dry because most go the props that we had were already objects like the stools. The only other challenge was really just finding a time to get the whole group together to practice.

The final issue we faced was that a group from the make class started to put a installation in our room where we are doing our performance so yesterday we had to rehearse in a different location.

group performance proposal

list of materials needed: people, stools, sun, moon, action music miscellaneous pros

timeline of work to be done: Help group members make their costumes and make the necassary props for the background of the performance.

List of jobs for the group. We split our roles up by the parts we have in our performance. Rachel and I are the prop people se we will be moving things around while Emily and Vyper are the Art Students and Morgan and Lauren. So to give an example Rachel and I will dress up in all black to represent negative space and we will be in charge of making the props/background while other members will be working on more intricate costumes to really make themselves look like solid art students and stools

Exploring The Space

Rachel McAndrew, Emily Bishop, Morgan Argentieri, Lauren Dembski, Vyper Latulippe, Sean Laukaitis

Photograph your space.

What is the purpose of this space? How is it use? By whom?

The old purpose of this space was a hospital cafeteria, most likely the kitchen part. The purpose of the space now is for artists in Brick to wash out their art supplies, it is also a storage area for chairs. But our group is going to use it as our space for the next couple of weeks. 

Catalog every object in the space.

A wooden table, one blue trash can, a blue tub with top full of extension cords, 20 stools of varying sizes, a metal shelving unit, 9 cardboard boxes of varying sizes, two oil waste cans, a metal sink, 9 printing ink cans in sight, over 25 printing blocks, foam covering white table tops, 6 toolboxes, a tall white table in the back, a tall metal cabinet, a dark small metal cabinet by sink, a drain, sponges, paint cups, foam paint brushes, a paint roller. A red bucket with a metal funnel on top, a gray bucket, 20 moveable small top tables, paper signs on the walls (10), light switches, plug ins, random metal pipes, white wooden objects, a box of air filters, wooden panels in corner, foam, only a broom top no handle, three metal racks for big paper, packing box, a filter for a light  for roof, a big battery, rolled up paper,metal folding stool, ceiling tile pieces , a fan brush, acrylic paint tubes, broken easel, wooden slats for screen printing, an exhaust fan lugnuts on floor, washers on the floor, a random metal rod, a singular metal chair

Catalog every living thing inside the space.

Group members, spiders, buggies, mold, bacte

Catalog every material in the space.

Wood, plastic, cement, metal, cloth, cotton, styrofoam, piping, 

Catalog every texture in the space.

The cinder blocks are smooth, the floor is dirty and rough, rusty texture that is rough, the metal chairs are glossy and smooth, the wooden table is paint covered and rough after years of use. The cardboard boxes are smooth and matte, the duct tape is smooth and glossy, the plastic containers that once held paint now are empty and dried but will never have the same smooth texture they had when unused and brand new.

Catalog every sound, smell, taste(?!?!) in the space. Sitting in our room we can’t hear anything while talking or even just typing we all had to be silent in order to hear the slight electrical hum and muffled voices of people in the rooms surrounding us. Otherwise the silence is overwhelming. 

From your list of objects consider the objects’ uses and roles in the space.

Washing things, rinsing things, sitting, setting things down, throwing things away, storing things, screen printing, printing, plugging things up, emptying oil, carrying things, setting up a still life, showing objects on, painting

List things that seem out of place.

A big white chunk of styrofoam, random bins of power cords, white boxes, stacks of stools, signs on walls trying to organize the disorganized room, a window in the wall, big silver thing coming from the ceiling, two doors that go to the same place, many drains in floor, silver stumps in floor, big wooden slabs, 

List things that seem at home.

Things that seem at home in our space are the large table against the wall, the chairs, and the messy sink. There aren’t many objects that seem at home in our space but our goal for the future is to make it more like home and more cozy. 

List things that are in motion and things that are still

Everything in the room is currently still except for our group that is moving and working. The things that are mobile are the water flowing through the sink, the doors on hinges that open and close, and the wheels on the bottoms of tables and desks. Considering that this is mostly storage space, every object has been stacked and placed for storage all around the room. The only objects in motion are the ones physically moved by a human body, nothing is in continuous motion like wind or a tree that would be outside.

List things that move through the space, and things that are fixed.

This space has been lost in time. The only objects that are currently moving through it are people that use it for storage. Our group is repurposing the old cafeteria into a new space for our art project. As of now, the only things that will be moving in this room is our personal bodies and any objects we bring in and out to contribute to the room.

Installation Critique

Morgan’s installation:

The first thing I see when I look at Morgan’s installation is the “WAKE UP” in all caps and bright red shout marks surrounding it. There is very nice detail in the clouds and the alarm clock was done very well. After initially looking up my eyes go down to the three dimensional clock which is really cool because it also doubles as a “cabinet” for the vitamins themselves. The construction of the installation makes it obvious that she wakes up every morning and takes her vitamins. Its not that I get bored with the installation after looking at it. It’s just a simple installation which doesn’t require a long amount of viewing time. It doesn’t make me think or feel anything more its very obvious and straight forward with what she is trying to show. If I had to give any advice it would be to use something more secure than tape to hold “alarm clock” so that it doesn’t unstick and fall in the middle of the night like it did.

Emily’s Installation:

The first thing I see when I look at Emilys Installation is the rock bridge connecting the stools. The most interesting thing that I found in this installation is that it is interactive. I like how she is letting people see what it’s like for her to collect and allow them to do it themselves and take there own rock. It is cool to see that they are all real rocks because it must have not been easy carrying all that stuff over to the studio from the stream. The Installation becomes more engaging because you can sit down and collect you own rocks. It makes me feel like I am sitting in the studio taking rocks off a white piece of paper which is perfect because that is exactly what I’m doing. If I had to give some advice it would be to add something to the white paper. I like the contrast between the white paper and the dark rocks but at the same time it looks very forced and not very natural. From this piece I can take away the fact that there are probably no more rocks at the stream because they are all now in the studio with this installation.

Lauren Dembski:

The first thing I see is the big yellow drape with glitter in it. In this piece I see apple sauce getting poured out of its package and into a bowl. The way the light is bouncing off the glitter makes the installation really pop. The proportions are a little off because the apple sauce pack is so small but there is so much apple sauce coming out. It may become boring to viewers because its so simple but it really gets the job done and shows everything you need to know. Again I would work on proportions because the applesauce pouch and bowl are very small, but the apple sauce itself is very big and takes up a lot of space. This can also makes sense because she may have emphasized how much she really likes apple sauce when being compared to the size. From this piece I can take away that she really like apple sauce.

Rachel McAndrews:

The first look at this installation I am drawn right to the big red Keurig at the base of the installation. I think this installation is trying to show how Rachel links her tea and coffee in the mornings. I really like how the individual tea bags all have different colors which decorate the installation on their own. The most interesting aspect of this piece is still the Keurig because I can relate to that the most because I wish I had a Keurig to make stuff like coffee tea and hot coco. I feel like I don’t loose interest because I am constantly thinking about how convenient it would be to have a Keurig of my own. This piece makes me feel like I need to go blow ever much it costs to buy a Keurig and go out and do so. If I were to give any advice to the Rachel I would say make me a cup of coffee next time I go look at it. From this installation I can take that I need a Keurig.

Vyper Latulippe:

When I first look at Vypers piece I see The three dimensional window sticking out of the wall showing The first thing he sees when he exits the door of his dorm building. He utilized carious materials to get his installation to make sense. My eyes them move from. the “window” to the tape outline of the door to emulate walking towards it and preparing to walk outside. The Materials in the window make the view out of it to look real and to set a tone what could be what you are walking out to. I wouldn’t say I loss interest while looking at his but that I understand what it is trying to show and that’s it I move on to the next thing. If I were to give some advice to Vyper is I would paint in the door or at least use black tape to make the outline more prominent. I was able to take a lot from this piece because it showed me the nice views from the suites.

Daily Practice Installation

My Daily practice going to bed so my instalation is me going to bed, so what better way to represent that then me lying in bed I made my installation of my lying in bed finally asleep late at night because I’m always up late doing homework, getting home from a late practice, or just staying out with my friends. The pictures above me represent my dreams and what I would rather be doing then homework. The red bull can is there because I would drink it to help keep me up while I’m working on Foundations homework late into the night because I always wait to do it till the last night🤷🏻‍♂️. (What else do you expect it’s the weekend.)