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Daily practice

This has been a very eventful week lots of parties home work and late nights, but the most interesting sleeping point was this hammock I took a really long nap in it last night and I thing I will start doing it more often. It was very comfortable just hangin around and I could’ve stayed for way longer but everyone wanted to just go to bed. It was unfortunate because I felt like I was floating on clouds. Until we meet again o sweet hammock


Daily Practice #2

This was very eventful week, I stayed up late to finish up a lot of homework, The earliest I went to sleep this week was 2 am and in the picture above you can see me in my room. Well this Saturday that was not the case…. This weekend my roommates girlfriend was in town so you know what that means. Sean no sleep in room tonight… Originally I had a place to sleep that night but the home dawg that had an extra bed for me to crash in got a little sick that night so I wasn’t goin to deal with that, so I spent about an hour in the Openhym lobby and then decided that I would end up sleeping in my car that night. Then I thought of one more place to sleep so I called that person and thankfully they were awake and they said I could crash there. I went to sleep at 4 am that night, then woke up the next day at 12:30 the next day.

Group Manifesto Performances

group performances👇🏼

Ou r performance was created to show  flow, open mindedness, and being aware of others and the environment. We chose to split up our action to 5 and five but we did the same actions in different locations to she that we can make things work no matter what setting we are in. Both represent flow in the way that the actions had very swift and smooth movements. Which ties into the trading of ideas and everyone else in the group allowing them to share what and how they feel.

Group Manifesto Declaration

See my groups declaration in the link below👇🏼


Individual Manifesto

This is my chalice it was very difficult to make the “cup” section but
I really enjoyed trouble shooting it
Making and flying drones is a new hobby of mine and I hope to
improve and hone my skills in the future
some day with my education in art and sculpture I will be able to spice up my car.
This is one of my favorite places on earth, here I feel at peace, that feeling is one I would like to have when I settle down somewhere.
Fishing with my family is one of my favorite things to do. I would like to have time to do some hobbies like this while still being successful at work.
I would like to be able to enjoy good food like this all the time
I enjoy going on hikes back hoe because the views are🔥
Fishing is an awesome thing to do in my
free time.
Angle is my doggo and I want another one when I get older and can support myself.
I have been snowboarding since I was a kid and I hope to go as much as I can in college.

In the perfect world I would be able to manage my time so that I could follow my passions, be successful, and be able to enjoy my time and follow my hobbies. I love art. I love creating sculptures and seeing awesome things come from my bare hands; However it feels as though in order to follow my passion for art I need to put all of my time and effort into it which is frustrating and seemingly impossible. I love cars and I want to create a career in designing them with the help of an education in sculpture and design. I am also a student athlete so going into my freshman year of art school is a lot to balance with sports and attempting to have some resemblance of a social life. I am going to work hard this year. My two words were out of place and passionate. I feel like in a sea of these cookie cutter art students I am sticking out like a sore thumb. I admit that I did go into foundations assuming that I would instantly be doing what I want and that it was a harsh awakening when I got here, however I am passionate about art, I am passionate about cars, and I am passionate about sports as well as all of my extra curricular hobbies and when I love something I am extremely determined to make it work.

Personal territory : Matt Fernandes, Isabella Shuld

These are Matt’s directions to reach his personal bubble location and a picture of his complete challenge. When I was in this spot It was very relaxing to me because listening to the water pouring into the little pool at the bottom of the spill way was very comforting to me. I really enjoyed making the rock pile because it gave me the chance to not think about anything and just focus on how I can make the rock pile stay standing and not fall over. I enjoyed this because it Gave me the opportunity to trouble shoot and focus on making the rocks reach the 12 inch requirement Matt was asking for in his directions.

These are some pictures from Isabella’s territory tour doing her tour was very interesting I learned that the Rosebush is actually a restaurant and not a literal rose bush… This is also the first time I’ve ever visited this location on campus. It was fun searching through the stream for the rocks and other cool things. I chose these rocks and other various items for their smoothness, texture, patterns, and the fact that one just looked like a shark tooth. I thought the glass and brick was very interesting because I know how hard those materials are and it is cool to think about how long these pieces must have constantly been hit with moving water and how long they must have been sitting in that stream. It also gave me a sense of relaxation like Matt’s tour because it let me really simplify things down and instead of thinking bought all the stresses from college all I had to do is focus on which 5 rocks I thought looked cool. With that said this was a very much needed relaxing tour and it allowed me to think at a way smaller scale and took me away from the outside world.

Daily Practice#1

My Daily Practice is getting into bed. I chose this because I get into bed every night. This daily practice can occur wherever I decide to sleep. This week I was lucky enough to sleep in my bed every night. This activity can take place any time from twelve to four am. This past week I fell asleep watching youtube videos about old cartoons and old tv shows off of Netflix. This is because my roommate always needs white noise in the background to fall asleep, it doesn’t bother me but its still there. Saturday night my roommate was not there so I fell asleep watching one of the best movies ever… Open season.

Personal Territory Tour

My personal territory where I feel safe is at the Lacrosse field. I feel like this is my space for many reasons. Sense I spend so much time at the lacrosse field I have become very comfortable with being there. I have been playing lacrosse sense the 6th grade and being on the field is one of the few place where I feel myself. Running down the open field, the freedom of it, and the cheering fans from the sideline is some of the best feelings I have encountered.
going on this tour all I can imagine is what it will be like out on the field for real playing in my first collage lacrosse games
In my kit is a stick, gloves, elbow pads, helmet, and ball. I chose to put these things in my kit because these are the first things u will need to start playing lacrosse.

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