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Daily Practice #2

This was very eventful week, I stayed up late to finish up a lot of homework, The earliest I went to sleep this week was 2 am and in the picture above you can see me in my room. Well this Saturday that was not the case…. This weekend my roommates girlfriend was in town so you know what that means. Sean no sleep in room tonight… Originally I had a place to sleep that night but the home dawg that had an extra bed for me to crash in got a little sick that night so I wasn’t goin to deal with that, so I spent about an hour in the Openhym lobby and then decided that I would end up sleeping in my car that night. Then I thought of one more place to sleep so I called that person and thankfully they were awake and they said I could crash there. I went to sleep at 4 am that night, then woke up the next day at 12:30 the next day.


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