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Foundations week 2

Color Spectrum

Saffron Orange:

Saffron is actually a spice that comes from the Crocus flower they are mainly grown in Iran, Greece, Morocco, and India. Each flower produces only three threads or stigmas of saffron, and it blooms for only one week each year. The saffron must be harvested by hand! In the mid-morning, when the flowers are still closed because that means the stigmas are protected inside. It takes about 1,000 flowers to produce just one ounce of saffron. Saffron can span from a golden yellow to a nice bright orange. This is a spice that is used in a bunch of dishes around the world.

Artist research:

My artist is Ken Price. He is an American artist most known for his ceramic sculptures. The majority of the colors he used were softer colors that range from soft matte colors to vibrant color shifting metallics. The colors help show voids and crevasses and it helps show the organic form of the sculptures. It is ceramic with metallic paint. I actually really like his sculptures he made a lot of other pieces of art but his ceramic sculptures should out to me the most. I really like how organic all of the sculptures are and how the illusion of size can confuse the viewer. When looking at just the sculpture it appears as if it can fit in you hand but when you see a picture of him working on one the sculpture you can see that the sculpture is several feet tall.


One thought on “Foundations week 2

  1. Thanks for the project Sean. The color hunt is well organized and clear; I like the monochrome arrangement in particular. Ken Price is great – his use of color often relies on very clear contrasts: intense red against deep blue, with no blending. It makes for a very designed aesthetic.


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